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Wynne Arkansas Temporary School

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Wynne Arkansas news

Wynne High School in Wynne will launch a temporary campus, according to school officials

wynne high school in wynne
Photo by: The Commercial Appeal

Highschool in Wynne Arkansas news

Wynne High School is a Wynne Arkansas news, that will open a temporary campus after recent storms destroyed the main site, according to school officials.

On March 31, an EF-3 tornado damaged homes and other structures in Wynne, Arkansas, including Wynne High School.

Following the storm, Wynne School District made the decision to close all of its campuses in April.

Later in the month, the district started up courses again so that children could finish the rest of the school year learning.

Due to storm damage, Wynne School District will be closed for the following week.

WYNE, Ark. All of the school campuses in the Wynne School District would be shuttered, it was announced.

The opening ceremony will take place on September 2nd.

The Temporary Wynne High SchoolWynne Arkansas News

Wynne Arkansas News temporary school
Photo by: Action News 5

In the face of challenges, the community of Wynne, Arkansas, showcased its resilience and unity after being struck by a tornado. 

Wynne Arkansas news, Action News 5 staff members, after hosting numerous fundraisers, witnessed the Mid-Southern spirit of coming together during difficult times. 

Wynne residents faced the daunting task of rebuilding after the natural disaster, but as detailed in this week’s 5 Star Story, the community not only weathered the storm but thrived.

Kym Clark, during her visit to Wynne, found that the community was not only recovering but flourishing. 

The enthusiasm was evident at a pep rally in Wynne High School’s temporary gym, which turned into a spirited celebration when Al Roker, host of The Today Show, surprised them with gifts and words of encouragement. 

Kenneth Moore, the superintendent of Wynne Public Schools, expressed his gratitude for Roker’s support and presence.

Despite the challenges, the community had reasons to rejoice. Within just five months, a new temporary high school had emerged from the debris, ready for the upcoming school year. 

Moore assured that students would continue to engage in classes and extracurricular activities, emphasizing their determination to ensure every need was met.

The severe tornado on March 31 devastated the high school, leading to its temporary division across various locations to complete the academic year. 

However, the unwavering spirit of both faculty and students kept them going. The goal was to reunite the students, allowing them to be back together in their familiar environment.

With the start of classes in the temporary buildings, the sense of unity was expected to prevail once again, not just among students but throughout the community. 

Wynne High School in Wynne holds a special place in this small town, serving as a unifying hub that brings people together, regardless of their backgrounds.

Al Roker, having covered various calamities over the years, acknowledged the unique yet similar nature of each story. He observed that communities often realize their strength and unity in the face of adversity. 

This realization underscores the importance of the mantra “Jackets don’t just survive, we thrive,” which the district adopted as a symbol of overcoming challenges, including those posed by COVID-19.

During Roker’s visit, teachers received much-needed funds and school supplies. Superintendent Moore indicated that the temporary facility would likely be used for the next 3 to 4 years until the completion of the new permanent high school. 

Overall, the story of Wynne, Arkansas, highlights the resilience, unity, and determination that can emerge from challenging circumstances.

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