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Wynne Arkansas Hospital

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Nestled within the heart of Wynne Arkansas, a network of healthcare institutions stands ready to serve the community with unwavering dedication.’

These hospitals are not merely buildings, but beacons of care, compassion, and medical excellence. With a shared commitment to promoting wellness and offering cutting-edge treatments, Wynne Arkansas hospitals have woven themselves into the fabric of the community, ensuring that health remains a priority for all.

From state-of-the-art facilities to compassionate medical professionals, these institutions stand as pillars of support, providing comfort and expertise to those in need.

In the following sections, we’ll delve into the remarkable offerings of these hospitals and how they contribute to the well-being of Wynne’s residents.

The following are the hospitals in Wynne, AR:

Cross Ridge Community Hospital

Cross Ridge Hospital
Photo by: US News Health

One of the well-known Wynne Akansas hospitals is Cross Ridge Community Hospital located at 310 Falls Boulevard Wynne, AR 72396

In 2023, CrossRidge Community Hospital was selected to participate in the Delta Region Community Health Systems Development – Technical Assistance Program. 

This initiative aims to enhance healthcare services within the DRA region by providing support for capacity building in quality improvement, telehealth, and the integration of social services. 

This program is designed to assist healthcare facilities in improving their financial sustainability and operational efficiency.

Cross Ridge Community Hospital in Wynne Arkansas has established specialized clinics within a dedicated section of its facility. 

This arrangement benefits patients in Cross County by allowing them to consult doctors who specialize in specific medical areas, all without the need to travel long distances for their appointments.

Among the specialty clinics available are:

St. Bernards Heart & Vascular, featuring doctors like Dr. Ahmad Al-Hindi, Dr. Jack Havdala, and Dr. Naveed Younis.

St. Bernards Surgical Associates, with doctors including Dr. Jennifer DiCocco, Dr. Josh Tolleson, and Dr. Logan Lynch.

St. Bernards Gastroenterology, led by Dr. Matt Garner.

St. Bernards Nephrology, directed by Dr. James Maxwell.

St. Bernards Pulmonology, with doctors such as Dr. Joshua Morrison and Dr. Mark Sifford.

St. Bernards Wound Healing, managed by Dr. Jason Paxton.

Jonesboro Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine (JOSM), featuring Dr. Brian Dickson.

This approach not only provides specialized medical care but also minimizes the inconvenience associated with long-distance travel for medical appointments.

CrossRidge Community Hospital’s participation in the Delta Region Community Health Systems Development program highlights its commitment to enhancing healthcare services and accessibility within the region.

CrossRidge Community Hospital is dedicated to providing exceptional healthcare services tailored to meet the diverse needs of our community. 

With a team of skilled medical professionals, state-of-the-art facilities, and a commitment to patient-centered care, Wynne hospital strive to promote well-being and ensure a healthier future for all. 

Wynne Arkansas Hospital Medical Campus

Wynne Hospital
Photo by: CNY Business Journal

The Wynn Hospital Medical Campus is set to enhance the experience for patients, families, medical professionals, and staff alike,” remarked Darlene Stromstad, MVHS’s President and CEO.

The evolving landscape of healthcare necessitates continuous adaptation, ensuring the provision of optimal care.

This upcoming facility will furnish our dedicated team with both the physical space and cutting-edge technology required to deliver the highest level of care in our region.

Its features encompass the advanced Center for Surgical Innovation, expanding cardiac services with the new Heart Center, the integrated Neurosciences Institute for brain and spine care, and the dedicated Women’s and Children’s Center tailored to their unique needs.

Representatives from MVHS have revealed that the Wynn Hospital is designed with a plan to feature around 30 private rooms per inpatient unit.

Additionally, flexibility is built into the design, allowing two rooms on each unit to be transformed into semi-private accommodations when needed due to higher patient volumes.

Notably, the Emergency Department at Wynne Hospital is also equipped to handle approximately 90,000 visits annually.

This capacity exceeds the combined visits handled by the Emergency Departments of both St. Elizabeth Medical Center and Faxton-St. Luke’s Healthcare, showcasing the enhanced capability of the new facility.

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